What is Modelled Writing?

Modelling is an important component of the Gradual Release of Responsibility. It is important to incorporate modelled writing into your program on a daily basis.

What is Modelled Writing?

Modelled Writing is a 10 to 15 minute daily lesson in the literacy block. The teacher models what good writing looks like and creates anchors and charts for the class to refer to. It is the direct teaching of writing.

What do I do during Modelled Writing?

As the teacher, you intentionally develop and deliver mini lessons to the whole class.  The lessons are short and have a specific goal in mind.  It is important to keep it short and sweet. You want to build on skills as you go throughout the unit, building on one concept at a time.  After you have taught that specific skill - challenge students to apply it to their own writing during Writer’s Workshop.

What do students do during Modelled Writing?

The students are active listeners during Modelled Writing.  They are paying attention to what you are modelling and (hopefully) internalizing what you are showing them, so that they can apply it during their independent writing. You may ask students questions, or have them involved in some of the activities you are modelling. This will help to keep them engaged during these lessons.

How is Modelled Writing different from Shared Writing?

Shared Writing is when you and the students are writing something together.  If you are in the primary grades, you may used this and the modelled writing on a daily basis. However, in junior and intermediate, the number of minutes are reduced for Literacy, due to the introduction of French instruction.  I recommend mixing up your modelled writing with some shared writing.  It allows the kids to have some say and ownership in the writing.  However, since you are still the one with the pen, you can steer it in the direction that you want.

How do I know what to teach during Modelled Writing?

Your goals of your Modelled Writing will change. Remember to keep them short and sweet.  You may need to add mini lessons here or there depending on the data you see in front of you. If you are noticing that your students are struggling with a particular concept, you may need to add a few more mini lessons around that.  It is totally acceptable.  Let your students guide you.  The goal of Modelled Writing is to teach them good, solid writing skills.  There is no point moving on if students are struggling and need more instruction.  You are in the driver’s seat - they are your students - you know them best!

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