What is Media?

Media is another component of the Literacy Curriculum.  But how does it fit in with this Comprehensive Literacy Program?

Media can fit in VERY easily to the comprehensive literacy model. Don’t focus on just one unit of media - embed it into your program. 

When you are conducting a reading unit - focus on a comprehension strategy.  Be sure to bring in a variety of texts. That includes media texts.  For instance, if you are teaching inferring, expose students to media texts so that they can infer the main idea of the media text. It could be a brochure, a poster, a commercial. This will help students to see that each strategy can be used in a variety of texts, and be more flexible in their thinking.

You will also want your students to produce their own media texts. Again, embedding it into your program is key.  Look at the variety of Writer’s Workshop units. Each one contains ideas of HOW to embed media within your program. Students can create their own media texts in the publishing stage. It is a great way to see what they have learned from media techniques in reading, and how they can apply it to their own writing.

I highly encourage you to stop creating mini "Media" units.  It is much better to embed it throughout. It will help relieve stress of "fitting the curriculum in." But more importantly, it will help your literacy program run smoothly and efficiently.

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