Happy Summer Everyone!

I hope you are all having a wonderful and relaxing time. I know that we as educators we can never really shut it off. September is always looming. That's why I wanted to make a FREEBIE for you to help ease your stress!

I have been working away updating my products and making new ones to align with the 2023 Language Curriculum. I have added lots of products for Cursive Writing - including a variety of styles of Alphabet Lines. Each Alphabet Line also has a word associated with it to promote a welcoming and inclusive place - such as We are Allies. So I thought - why not create a writing task to go with it?

This writing task has students looking at each letter - and writing a paragraph explaining what that word means to them and how it applies to them. It's a great way to connect SEL, the Cursive Writing Alphabet Poster and Writing all in the first week of school!


Want to check out my Cursive Writing Alphabet Posters that go with this great freebie??? Click HERE!