Using Google Slides to Promote Student Writing

Do you have one of my Google Slides Writing Products? Are you wondering how can save the document and share it with your students? This video should help!

Now the video did NOT address how to use it in Google Classroom. Classroom is not a platform that I currently use - however it is applicable to use!
Step #1. Make a copy of the Google Slides product and place it on your Google Drive - the instructions are the same from the video!!!
Step #2. Log into your Google Classroom account
Step #3. Click Classwork

Step #4 Click the Create Button. A few options will come up. Select - Assignment.

Step #5.  It will look like the image below:
Step #6. Title your Assignment, and click the Add button with the paper clip at the bottom.
Step #7.  Click Google Drive

Step #8: One you click Google Drive, a pop up window will come up, with your connected Google Drive files. Select the Google Slides product you just copied from my product! It will probably be under recent! Select it, and click insert!

Step #9. You will notice this drop down menu. Click it.

Step #10. Select "Make a copy for each student." Then, you won't need to make a force copy link (like in the video). A copy will AUTOMATICALLY be created FOR your students! I still suggest that they share it back to you!
Step #11.  Click Assign! You're done!

This product and others are great for a variety of reasons! 

1. It can help with Distance Learning and Education
2. It can be used in the regular classroom to promote Differentiated Instruction
3. It helps to scaffold the writing process for some of our reluctant writers
4. It creates constant communication between the teacher and the student during the writing process
5. It links to my Modelled Writing Units!

Check out this great product here! It is the first of 7 writing products that I will add! :)

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  1. Google slides presentation writing tool, The slides has an auto-save function so it saves. Students should try using Google slides.