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  1. Will you be releasing a Grade 3 comprehensive literacy program?

  2. Hi, I own and love your Comprehensive Literacy Package. My question is...Are we able to buy your products in Canadian funds off your web page and not in American on TPT? If so how?

  3. Hello Shawna,

    I have enjoyed your blog as well as your store on TPT. Thank you for this!

    I got hired for a permanent teaching job in the fall. This will involve sharing a variety of classrooms (.5 for grade 4, .2 for kindergarten, and also a .2 for grade 2). I am wondering how I should approach this sharing of classrooms (in terms of communicating with colleagues, planning, and assessment).
    What I want is to demonstrate an excitement to work alongside my colleagues, to listen, share and be part of a team. I would not want to come on too strong but I also don’t want to be too passive. What are your experiences and what would you like to see from teachers sharing a classroom with you?
    Also, when it comes to planning, particularly in the .5 class, should I expect to plan certain subjects or do we share all subjects? Do you have any advice on sharing/communicating classroom experiences with teaching partners? I am thinking that setting up a shared google file and putting down observations, assessment and even lesson plans would be a good way to keep communication running effectively. Finally, do you have any other advice to make this a great experience for all involved?

    Thanks so much. I appreciate your thoughts and ideas.

    Stephen Middlebrook

  4. Hi Shauna!

    Your work was recommended to me by a fellow grade three teacher in Ontario, and as I was searching your work on TPT, I noticed that a lot of your work is junior. When I go into the Grade 3 Literacy Bundle, in the descriptions most things are listed as grade 3/4. Can you recommend resources that you have created that are specifically designed for grade three only? I am interested in all the different curriculum areas. Please let me know what you recommend. :)

    Thank you,


  5. Hi Shauna,
    I have purchased your Grade 3/4 Intensive Literacy Package. I would like to know where I can find the descriptive paragraph of modelled writing package (mentioned in week 1 of LRP). I am trying to follow your long range plans to organize things for the beginning of the year. I was also looking for week 1 of comprehensive literacy PDF like a version I saw for older grades on the Raudy Teacher's Comprehensive Literacy 101. Thank you so much for your help!

  6. I am wondering if anyone has any advice on teaching ideas in covid, social-distancing classrooms. I am particularly seeking advice on how we can teach in small guided groups as well as providing students with independent, center activities at their own desks? Thank you for any advice 🙂

  7. Hi Shauna. I was looking at your Guided Math units in tpt today. I noticed in your updated Quantity unit that you mention buying the other units at discounted prices and getting the free updates. Is this the same as buying your Guided Math Bundle? If I purchase the bundle, will I get free updates for the other units as well?
    Thank you!

  8. Hi there! Do you have a complete year long math bundle for the grade 4 Ontario curriculum?

  9. Hi, I purchased a resource yesterday and I can’t find what I was looking for in them. I’m wondering if the actual worksheets are there it looks like just a bunch of blank ones. How do I find the actual activities for example spelling patterns etc. Thank you